A collaborative partnership of Askinosie Chocolate and local schools created to benefit the children of the Ozarks


At Askinosie Chocolate, we strive to serve our community, our customers and each other in everything we do. Our goal is make great chocolate; our mission is to positively impact the lives of those around us to leave the world a better place than when we found it.

The social  purpose of Askinosie Chocolate is not only to compensate our farmers fairly and treat them like they crucial business partners they are, but to connect those farmers with our customers to build relationships of mutual understanding and appreciation.  Our chocolate and our business is better for it.

Chocolate University is a neighborhood and global outreach initiative of Askinosie Chocolate. As an experiential learning program for local students with an international reach, we aim to inspire students, through the lens of artisan chocolate making, to be global citizens and embrace the idea that small businesses can solve world problems.

Program History

We founded Chocolate University when our business began to benefit the children of our neighborhood. The program formed with a vision to provides a learning experience to Boyd Elementary, Pipkin Middle School and local high school students through the lens of bean to bar chocolate making.

The chocolate factory is located in the Historic Commercial Street District, close to a variety of social services addressing community poverty. Many impoverished children attend nearby schools just blocks from the factory. We created a variety neighborhood programs to engage elementary, middle, and high school students with their local and global community through social responsibility.


To inspire students to become global citizens, engage in social entrepreneurship and understand that small businesses can solve world problems 


Askinosie Chocolate funds CU through 100% of their tour proceeds and generous contributions.



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