Class of 2010

In the summer of 2010, Shawn Askinosie took 13 Central High School students to Tenende, Tanzania. These students embarked on what would come to be the first of many “bean to bar” trips culminating in the group going to see where cocoa comes from.

Meeting twice a month for six months, the CU 2010 class played a extremely important role in the course of Chocolate University’s High School Business Immersion trips and Askinosie  Chocolate’s business partnerships for years to come. 

Community Initiatives

  • Assisted Askinosie Chocolate in finding their first African source for cocoa beans
  • Researched and sought a woman led farming group
  • Traveled to Africa to establish long-term partnerships with cocoa farmers
  • With Askinosie Chocolate, created a single-origin chocolate that can be traced from bean to the bar
  • Raised money for Tanzanian math, science and English textbooks for Mwaya Secondary School
  • Raised money for a deep water well to provide clean water to the 2,000 villagers of Tenende

Thank you to the 13 students and the first Chocolate University High School International Business Immersion class for helping begin this wonderful program and create partnerships that have lasted throughout our decade of direct trade.

Abby Vera
Alex Dowell
Bryn Prater
Daniel Waldo
David Langdon
Jenna Roan
Kelsey Garnett
Kiefer Mecham
Laurel O’Reilly
Martha Burton
Mitchell Trafford
Sara Swango
Tammy Hodges
Taylor Curtis
Zach Harrell


class picture, and gallery of pictures from the trip itself.