Empowered Girls


Empowered Girls Club aims to increase retention and graduation rates of female students.

With the help and funding of Chocolate University and the Mwaya Secondary School headmaster, Empowered Girls was created as an after school program to provide a non curricular means for girls to become equipped with knowledge and resources to improve their lives and education. funded by CU and implemented  by the 2010 CU class and the Mwaya Headmaster, Empowered Girls club helps girls learn ways of confronting certain problems unique to the female experience.

In our project description we quantified the problem with the most recent data provided by Mwaya’s headmaster. It showed the retention rate for girls is around 46 percent, while  the boys retention rate hover around 82% percent. Based on similar experience at other schools, we theorized factors for girls dropping out of school include:

  • Inability of families to continue paying school fees
  •  Dropouts due to early pregnancy and/or marriage
  • Household duties for student’s family valued over education
  •  Poor test scores discourage student from thinking they have the capacity to succeed academically.

With input from Mwaya’s headmaster, we decided on a three-pronged approach to help: Textbooks, Empowered Girls, and equipping teachers.